William Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar, created one of the most influential orators of all time in Antony. The man who managed to convince the entire mob that Julius was indeed their hero when all hope of this realisation by the public had faded. He showed us that oration is indeed an effective tool and can help in achieving  whatever you intend and Zakir Naik as we know him, is a brilliant orator with his own ideologies and philosophy especially about the States.


Zakir Naik has been under the scanner of Indian law enforcement authorities ever since Bangladesh asked for an investigation into his speeches and his writing, following a claim that a terrorist involved in a recent terror attack in Dhaka was his follower who was inspired by his speeches.

Naik was born in Mumbai in 1965 and is banned from Britain, Canada and Malaysia as his views are feared to instigate interracial tensions.

He is known for his brilliant memory as he can quote verses from Koran, Bhagavaad Gita and the Bible and his teachings have earned him the “service to Islam” award.

The preacher was caught in a controversy following a claim that a terrorist involved in the terror attack in Dhaka was his follower.


Naik believes that his statement ” every Muslim should be a terrorist”has been wrongly contextualised and that he is firmly against the act of terrorism. He feels that he has inspired millions of people but never urged anyone to become a terrorist, which is completely against the Quran.

Talking about the clipping, he says that yes it is him saying it but his views have been taken out of context.Rubbishing a report in Bangladeshi newspaper Daily Star that he inspired one of the perpetrators of the Dhaka carnage to go on a killing spree, Dr. Naik sought to put the blame on “other speakers” who misguide Muslims in the name of Islam.

Dr. Naik’s lawyers claim there is no offence to be made out. “If he has talked about Osama bin Laden in one of the speeches that in itself does not constitute a charge or offence against him. If one bomber [in Bangladesh] says he was inspired by Dr. Naik’s speeches, how can he be held accountable,” said Dr. Naik’s lawyer.


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