Why Messi V/s Ronaldo makes no sense

Messi is a team player, he is natural and gifted. He is from another planet.
Ronaldo has proved himself in three leagues. He is quick, hardworking, strong and can shoot with both the legs. He is the best player in the world.

For all the football fans around the world, casual or hardcore, it is the overarching question that surrounds the football fraternity; Messi or Ronaldo? While some address one to be the Messiah, the one who hails from another planet, others believe in super-human Ronaldo, the prolific goalscorer, the one who can win you any game. I having been the part of similar discussions and arguments and not to mention the fights and having witnessed many, firmly believe that the comparison between these great players is futile indeed. It is not that I find them to be average or something, these two are absolute legends of the game, but the problem lies in the fact that these two have carved out a bracket of their own that sits above everyone else and sometimes even above the game.Both have redefined the standards upon which all other players are measured. In a way that’s quite sad. All those great players from the past with their near mythological statuses such as Pele, Maradona and Ronaldo (Brazil) seem to have had their legacies compromised.

If you’re a Barcelona fan, you are bound to have blind faith in Messi, and if you’re a Madrid supporter and you know no better player than Ronaldo. Now a days, most of the football fans you come across belong to either of these two sets of people but what annoys me is the fact that this doesn’t make them a ‘football’ fan. It makes them either a Messi fan OR a Ronaldo fan. Now, it is absolutely okay, to love one player, but, hating the other one just because you don’t find them good enough or because of one good or bad season is absolutely unethical. You may hate on me as much you want but calling yourselves football fans would be absolutely a paradox for you aren’t. You are Messi and Ronaldo fans and you people value these individuals more than the beautiful game. Messi or Ronaldo might be the reason that you started watching football but that is pretty much it. These guys are just two of the greatest players to ever have dawned the pitch and whatever they are today is all because of the game. They did not make football, all they did is play it better than many of us ever can.

Messi has never won a major tournament with his country. Ronaldo aged 31 won the Euro recently with Portugal and now people believe that makes him the better player. The headlines of major newspapers following Portugal’s victory read, “Ronaldo, Portugal win Euro 2016”. Is he separate from the rest of Portugal? Why not Nani or Eder for that matter who scored the winning goal? With the advent of Messi and Ronaldo this is the basic problem to have raised. They are valued more than everyone else by their fans, and their respective fans get into arguments trying to defame the one whom they do not like. Well, grow up guys. They are two different persons and two different players with different skillsets who are great at what they do. They strive to be a better player each day and train hard to improve the way they play football. It’s absolutely unfair to compare them and neither is the fact of establishing them above anyone in the history of the game. Messi has won 5 Ballon d’Ors, Ronaldo has won it 3 times. Messi and Ronaldo have never won World cups, Messi has never won anything with his country. Maradona  has won the World cup, Pele has won it thrice. No player is perfect, some achieve something, some achieve something else but it doesn’t make them any inferior.

Football is called the beautiful game, because of the happiness that exists in playing and watching the game. I urge you people not to let two people decide what football means to you. Messi and Ronaldo are legends, true legends, but it is football that made them legends or else they would have been legendary boxers and cricketers as well. Stop comparing and start loving for this game teaches us love. Football never taught us hatred then why hate someone who plays brilliant football? Sit back and enjoy what Messi and Ronaldo can do with a ball, but please do not forget that what other players could and can do.

P.S.- I’m a Bayern supporter and we’ll win the Champion’s League soon 😀



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