Now who doesn’t love books? For me, books have always been the greatest piece of escape and I have learnt a great deal from them. Not to mention the new goals that are set in our lives with the reading of every other book. I bet this is relatable indeed. You read a book set on romance, you feel love all around the world. You read something about Science and technology, you wish to be the next great inventor. Books are influential, and  below is a list of 6 great books that are sure to give you a mind-gasm.

1. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

MTI5MzY0OTk4NTM0MjQwNzM0There is no particular type of book that everyone is bound to like, until you read this classic. This is a book that everyone I know has loved and is one of those books that you will wish to read again and again.If you have read it once, it rewards a second look. If you haven’t read it yet, well, I’m jealous of anyone who gets to read it for the first time.

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2. A Tale for the Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki

Ruth_Ozeki_-_A_Tale_for_the_Time_BeingA Tale for the Time Being, a novel by Ruth Ozeki is narrated by a sixteen-year-old Japanese American girl in Tokyo who keeps a diary, and a Japanese American writer living on an island off British Columbia who finds the diary washed up on shore some time after the 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan.Everyone—and I mean everyone—should read Ruth Ozeki’s new book, A Tale for the Time Being, which is smart, insightful, revelatory, and uncompromising while remaining gripping, accessible, and often very, very funny.

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3. The Wisdom of No Escape, by Pema Chödrön

51wD4U821TLThis accessible book has been on the US bestseller lists consistently for four years now. In The Wisdom of No Escape, bestselling author Pema Choedroen shows us the profound value of our situation of ‘no exit’ from the ups and downs of life.This book is about saying yes to life in all its manifestations, about making friends with ourselves and our world and embracing the potent mixture of joy, suffering, brilliance, and confusion that characterizes the human experience. It urges us to wake up wholeheartedly to everything and to use the abundant, richly textured fabric of everyday life as our primary spiritual teacher and guide. Can it get any better than that?

To Buy: amazon.in

4. The Information, by James Gleick

11199737The Information is a book by science history writer James Gleick published in March 2011 which covers the genesis of our current information age. It was on the New York Times best-seller list for three weeks following its debut.Here we have a biography of the idea of information, which might have been boring, except for two crucial things: (1) Gleick is a great writer, and (2) the idea of information has had a huge crazy life! I mean, who knew? The life of a poet, a rock star, a conquering king! Put down that celebrity bio. Pick up The Information.

To Buy: amazon.in

5. DUNE, by Frank Herbert

41shWIN+ssL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_If reading science fiction novels is your thing, then you probably have heard of Dune, but if not well then let me tell you if there’s one science fiction novel you can go back to time and again, it has to be Dune.It’s an action-packed adventure story that grabs you by the throat and keeps pushing you on from first page to last. Once you pick it up, it’s really very hard to put the book down. But alongside the action there’s a potent ecological message that just gets more relevant as time goes on and frankly, this is the sort of book where you just want more.

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6. MOBY DICK by Herman Melville

Moby-Dick-or-the-WhaleHands down one of the greatest books of all time. Come read this cult favourite book as Ishmael tells you the story of a giant whale and the lesson it teaches to not only Captain Ahab but to all of arrogance. I first read it inspired by one of my Professors back in my first year of college and the truth is, of all the books that I have read, Moby Dick has stayed right by me and will remain forever. Moby Dick is a book you come back to, again and again, to find new treasures and delights, a storehouse of language, incident and strange wisdom. P.S- Call him Ishmael 🙂

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So these were the 6 books that I felt I should share with all of you. How many of them have you already read? How many do you wish to read? Please let me know guys, because the true purpose of this blog is to let me know what people like. Also, if you wish to purchase any of these books, please use the links embedded as it really encourages me to write more and more. Happy reading all of you!


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