Square One


For the ever changing pace that the world has got used to now, it seems truly fitting that everything that is fast, that is real time quick draws our attentions  and we feel a strong sense of affinity towards the same as consumers. Interestingly the same trend seems to have caught on to sports as well and with the rapid growth of IPL in the last decade it seems fitting enough that we travel back in time, to square one and try to discover if the game has lost it’s charm somewhere over the years.

For all the cricket purists out there, there is no other format of cricket that they talk of but the Test Cricket format. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that it indeed is the test that you have to take as a batsman, as a bowler and as a player in general to prove your mettle and once you have proved yourself you will be hailed for the rest of your lives. The modern game has seen drastic changes and with so many tournaments on offer it doesn’t seem shocking that T20 has caught the attention of the modern spectator. With raining sixes, to swashbuckling bowling, a T20 game has everything to offer to please the oxytocin in your head. For the modern viewer a T20 comes as something of a delight, something that is really satisfying to watch and why not? Today’s generation is all about everything and anything that is quick and in a time when it is so hard to form real bonds that build over the years it comes as no brainer that a quick game where heroes are born and killed everyday is the most amusing sight. However, in all the glory that the shortest format of the game enjoys is one serious hitch. It is because of the modern world that this format has become the monster it is today and it might very well not be one if people’s tastes change.

australia-dharamsala759Sure, a T20 is action packed, but for all the people who watched the recently concluded India-Australia series there might be a different definition of action and adrenaline for them. Now you definitely need to be an absolute fan of the game to sit through the course of 5 days as a test match reaches it’s end; sometimes to be only a draw but you can not deny the pleasure the longer format brings to you.  I bet that there were innumerous instances that you were on the edge of your seat hoping for a miracle to happen in the series against the Aussies as we tried to constantly stage a comeback after losing the first test match. In all honesty and as brutal it may sound while the popularity of the IPL might be humongous it will always be just a stair and not a stage. A stair to ultimately shine in those silky whites and almost all the players that you can think of who are IPL stars so to say including the likes of Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah one day wish to represent their country in the Test format. The IPL to be fair is for the yesteryear players who no longer have the aptitude and the resilience to play the game over the course of 5 tiring days. Let’s face it, the T20 format might be all about the glitz and glamour but a test game commands sheer class and temperament which definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m a cricket purist and my views on T20s might sound to be a bit radical, but it is not without proper argument and love for the game. Sure the world is changing, the modern spectator is evolving and turning towards new directions. But this cricketing season, it is not about demeaning the T20 format or the Test format; it is just about not forgetting where we all have come from, it is about being able to go back to square one.


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